Language Learning and Old Age

Language Learning and Old Age has been transcribed from Steve’s YouTube channel.  The original video was published on July 20. 2012     Hi there, Steve Kaufmann here again. Today I want to do a video about language learning and old age. I’m doing this because I received a comment on my YouTube channel from […]
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Language Accents and Insecurities

Language Accents and Insecurities has been transcribed from Steve’s YouTube channel. You can download the audio and study the transcript as a lesson at LingQ. Hi there, Steve Kaufmann here. Today it’s going to be a bit of a ramble, I warn you ahead of time. Some semi-political opinions, but I want to talk about what is […]
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Learning Czech and Accumulating 100 Words a Day

Learning Czech and Accumulating 100 Words a Day

I studied Czech a few years ago so my statistics at LingQ for that language are not current. However, the statistics from my recent Polish challenge illustrate the fact that we can learn or add to our “known words” total well over 100 words a day. In fact in the case of Polish (since I know other Slavic languages) it is over 300 words a day. You can learn 100 words a day, if you are willing [...]
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Why Learn Another Language?

Why Learn Another Language?

There are many reasons we might decide to try to learn another language. We might need the language for study or work purposes, to communicate with family or friends or to connect with the culture of the country where the language is spoken. I must admit, I am motivated initially just by the possibility of accessing a new culture, with all that that can bring me in terms of learning about [...]
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