How I Learned Russian

How I Learned Russian

I was about 60 when I started learning Russian and my approach to language learning had always been that you shouldn’t focus on grammar. You need to get used to the language through lots of listening and reading. I had done that with Chinese, with Japanese.

Why learn Russian?

Russian is an international language, used in the post-Soviet space as a lingua franca. Russia has rich literature, and has demonstrated genius and excellence in science, music, dance, and many other fields. Perhaps this genius and striving for pe…

Russian as a world language

English is the dominant world language today. The French sometimes promote French as an alternative international language, and historically it was prominent in Europe and today we find it in Africa and North America as well as Europe. Spanish and…

My Russian challenge

In three days I am leaving for Europe. One day in Berlin, two days in Riga, on business, and then roughly two weeks in Russia as the reward for my Russian learning. I will spend one week in St. Petersburg, and then one week in Moscow. My only goal…

Russian visa

I may be going to Russia and so have to fill out a visa application form. Here are just some of the questions. I am not making this up. Father’s full name, Mother’s full name, Itinerary,places of visit. List all the countries you have visited in t…

My Russian avatar

Just for those people who do not yet know about the avatars at LingQ, I am posting a short video about my own Russian avatar to let you know what they look like. If you want to see the avatars for my other language, where I have been less active, …

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