How to Learn English Fast

How to Learn English Fast

If you really want to learn English fast, here is what you do. This advice is valid for other languages as well. The only difference between English and other languages is that most people learning English have had a lot of classroom instruction, which is not usually the case for learners of other languages.   […]
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Why English is Important

From time to time English teachers contact me and ask if I can write or record something that will motivate their students to work on their English. Here’s what I told a group of students from Siberia whose teacher reached out to me. Languages Mean Opportunities  People often want to know the best language to […]
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Active And Passive Vocabulary In Language Learning

What is active and passive vocabulary? A learner's passive vocabulary is the words that they understand but don't use yet. Active vocabulary, on the other hand, is the words that learners understand and use in speaking or writing.When learning a language, should we focus more on developing an ability to speak or on building up our understanding of the language? This is a common question [...]
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Academic English

I have never bought into the idea that we can teach or study academic English, or business English or any other kind of English as a special subject. English is English. If we are interested in a subject, we will read on it, listen to audio conten...
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