Why Learn Another Language?

Why Learn Another Language?

There are many reasons we might decide to try to learn another language. We might need the language for study or work purposes, to communicate with family or friends or to connect with the culture of the country where the language is spoken. I must admit, I am motivated initially just by the possibility of accessing a new culture, with all that that can bring me in terms of learning about [...]
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5 Reasons to Learn Greek

5 Reasons to Learn Greek

There are many reasons to learn a language. Some people learn a language for professional reasons, because they need the language for their job. Some people learn a language because they have a relative or special person who speaks that language. Sometimes, though, we need to take the time to learn a language simply for […]
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Thank You, Ukraine!

I am back in Vancouver after a month in Europe, mostly in Ukraine. I still have vivid images of that country, and particularly of Lviv where I spent the better part of three weeks. I see the city in my mind, the cafés, the public squares, the cobblestone streets, the friendly people filling the streets, […]
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Are There Different Types of Language Learners?

This is a transcript of one of my YouTube Videos – To keep up with my latest thoughts on language learning, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Hi there, Steve Kaufmann. You often hear that there are different types of language learners. There are auditory learners, visual learners and kinetic learners; people who like to learn by […]
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