Learning a Language Means Acquiring Words

Learning a Language Means Acquiring Words

People often say to me, “Steve, you’ve obviously got a talent for languages, that’s why you’ve learned so many. Good for you, but I could never do it.”

To which I say, to myself at least, why don’t you try doing it the way I do it? Maybe, rather than a question of talent, it’s a matter of the method that I use. What is my method? It’s really quite simple. It’s the relentless pursuit of words – words that I glean through content that is of interest to me. That’s basically what it boils down to.

How I Went About Learning French and Spanish

Learning French and Spanish were quite instrumental to me getting involved with language learning. You’ve got to do what you like and I always emphasize that in language learning. You’ve got to like the language. You’ve got to like what you’re doing. You’ve got to put in the time. Reading is still the most effective way of building up your vocabulary, and then when you are confronted with the need to speak, slowly the words start to come out.

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