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17 August 2015

Travel and Language Learning

This is a transcript of one of my YouTube Videos – To keep up with my latest thoughts on language learning, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Hi there, Steve Kaufmann. Here I am in our little yard. We’re in Palm Springs, my wife and I, so I want to talk about travel and language learning. People […]

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31 December 2013

The wonderful hospitality of Slovaks and Czechs

One of the delights of travel is meeting the local people. Language is often an important bridge in order to connect with locals. But in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, it doesn’t seem to be a condition. We have been treated with tremendous hospitality everywhere, so far, both by people who speak no English and […]

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16 December 2013

Meet ups in Vienna, Poprad, Olomouc, Bratislava, or Prague

Meet ups in Vienna, the Tatras, Bratislava or Prague over Christmas and New Year. Anyone interested? Please let me know.

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14 December 2013

Manning, Alberta – Changes Come to the North

Had a wonderful few days in Manning, Alberta. On Thursday, while I was there, it was apparently the coldest place on earth at -39 celsius. The Peace River region of Alberta and B.C. is rich in farmland, forests and oil and gas. The people are friendly. It is truly the big country.

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4 December 2013

Off to Manning, Alberta

Tomorrow my wife and I travel to Manning, Alberta for the 20th anniversary party and annual general meeting of Manning Diversified Forest Products. The temperature is –28 degrees celsius. Should be brisk. Here are some pictures which I found in an interesting photography blog.

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26 June 2011

Vyborg, a warm welcome

Vyborg is 130 km to the North of St. Petersburg, and only 30 or so km from the Finnish border. For a long time it was a Finnish/Swedish town, and it has a definite Scandinavian feel to it. What attracted me there was the friendliness of two of its…

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24 July 2005

Travel to the interior

A person on the Chinese language Forum Westca www.westca.com asked about what to do around Salmon Arm and I gave the following answer which I though might be of wider interest. There are lots of places worth visiting. You may drive the Coquihalla …

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8 July 2005


I still think back to our holiday in France. France is a wonderful country. We stayed in a little village called Brulons. We travelled by car and visited other small villages in the area of the Sarthe river. All the villages were charming. We stop…

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30 June 2005

Travel notes

I was in Europe for much of June, in Sweden, London and then attending a conference on Language Instruction and the Corporate Sector in Duesseldorf. I also attended a wedding in Le Havre. France and then took it easy in a 500 year old house in a s…

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18 June 2005

English culture

I was recently in London with my wife, visiting my son and his family. One day we took our two little grandchildren to a park outside London which offered a great variety of activities for kids. There were animals, boat rides, slides, mini-golf, t…

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