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10 April 2014

Writing helps you notice the language

I wrote 250 words of Korean today on a rather difficult subject. Lots of mistakes, which were corrected by Korean member at LingQ. I would rather be listening and reading, but I know the writing helps. It helps me to notice the language. ┬áIt is quite motivating to see your writing corrected so I hope […]

12 February 2014

My 90-Day Challenge – One third of the way

On January 15 of this year, I committed to spend the next 90 days in intensive study in order to learn Korean, or at least significantly improve my Korean language skills. This meant stepping up my daily language learning activities from roughly one hour a day, to three or four hours a day, giving me […]

8 January 2014

My 90-Day Korean Challenge

In a week from now I’m going to jump into Korean. I mean that I’m going to focus on this language for 90 days. I’m not new to Korean, I have dabbled in it over the years. I get tongue tied when I tried to say anything more than the few standard phrases that I’ve […]