In a week from now I’m going to jump into Korean. I mean that I’m going to focus on this language for 90 days. I’m not new to Korean, I have dabbled in it over the years. I get tongue tied when I tried to say anything more than the few standard phrases that I’ve mastered, and I have trouble understanding what people say to me. I guess I am sort of an advanced beginner, and I hope to become a solid intermediate. Time will tell what I can achieve. I know from experience, however, that focusing with intensity is going to deliver results. I am doing this within the framework of the 90-Day Challenge.

It was while studying Mandarin Chinese in 1968 that I realized just how important intensity is in language learning. I remember thinking at that time that the more you can cram exposure to the language into a shorter period of time, the better you will learn, almost exponentially. A lot of people are too passive in their learning. They find reasons not to interact with their language. Consistency is key to success. Some people only have an hour a day while others have five or more hours a day to spend on their language. I don’t know how much time I will have every day. But I know that I’m going to make sure that I work with more intensity that I have done in the past.

I am going to let you know how things go, how I find resources, how I create the time to study more, and what kinds of activities I am involved in, and I invite you to follow me as I keep a daily vlog about my progress.

I won’t start until January 15th, so for now I’m staying with my Slavic languages. I listened to a Czech podcast this morning, and I am listening to Uncle Vanya by Chekhov in Russian in the car, and studying the transcript on my computer at LingQ. I have a week to go with my two Slavic languages and then I will be moving away from them for three months or so. I’m looking forward to doing Korean but I know it’ll be hard to leave these two languages which I enjoy so much.

My activities during my 90-Day Korean challenge will all be measured and made public at LingQ. I will also be vlogging and blogging frequently about my activities and my progress. You will be able to follow me and my Korean learning activities here, at my diary blog, and on my YouTube channel

If you want to join me and take up your own language for 90 days, have a look at the 90-Day Challenge on LingQ as well!

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