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27 February 2015

Automatic Translation Technology – Replacing Language Learning?

I hear more and more about automatic translation technology. Skype recently announced their Skype Translator Preview – An Exciting Journey to a New Chapter in Communication. This translation technology will make it possible for people to communicate via Skype across languages. Two people can speak two different languages, and the conversation is automatically translated for each […]

6 December 2011

About a wonderful linguist – Michael Krauss

I was sent this very interesting article written by Michael Krauss in which he describes his own linguistic journey or journeys. Very interesting reading indeed! This comes from an intriguing travel related blog called view from the pier. Thank yo…

21 October 2011

Learning Spanish in Argentina: Be prepared for change

I was approched by this Spanish language school about putting up a guest post about learning Spanish in Argentina. I agreed since I thought it was an interesting subject. I also don’t mind giving them some publcity. I am hoping that this can lead …

29 April 2011

Language and culture

Language and culture are at the core of education, or should be. With all the debate about language learning methods, the definition of “linguist”, input versus output versus grammar, the role of the Internet etc. it is sometimes useful to take st…