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26 September 2016

Active And Passive Vocabulary In Language Learning

What is active and passive vocabulary? A learner’s passive vocabulary is the words that they understand but don’t use yet. Active vocabulary, on the other hand, is the words that learners understand and use in speaking or writing.

When learning a language, should we focus more on developing an ability to speak or on building up our understanding of the language? This is a common question language learners ask, especially at the beginning of their language learning journey. Here are my views.

18 September 2016

How can you become fluent in a foreign language?

Can I become fluent in a foreign language? If your answer to this question is no, then you are best to stop trying. If you don’t believe that you can reach the destination in your journey, why start? On the other hand, if you believe you can become fluent in a foreign language, you are well on your way to achieving fluency.

28 August 2016

What is the hardest language to learn and other questions from my followers

What is the hardest language to learn? It’s a question I’m asked often. Here I reveal the answer from my experience and give advice and tips on how to get the most out of your language learning, even if that language is a tough one.

24 April 2016

Listening Comprehension – An Important Language Skill

I believe that listening comprehension is an important skill in language learning. That is what you should drive for first of all. If you develop good listening comprehension, the other skills will come, the speaking will come, even your grammar, your accuracy.

27 October 2015

What is Your Motivation to Learn New Languages?

Hi there. Steve Kaufmann here again, answering some of the questions that you have written on my YouTube channel. I apologize for this light shinning of my gray hair or white hair, but if I don’t put the light on then it’s too dark in here. Hopefully, that doesn’t disturb you. The first question was: […]

11 October 2015

Do We Learn Languages Subconsciously?

Steve: Hi, Steve here on my seventieth birthday. I’ve got my two sons visiting, Mark, who is with LingQ whom you know and, Eric, who’s manning the camera. Mark: Hi, all. Eric: Hello. Steve: Hello, right. So we thought we’d change the venue a bit. Eric: We’re ready to go. Steve: Okay, here’s the list […]

3 October 2015

Which Language is Easiest to Learn?

Steve: Hi there, Steve here to answer your questions with my sidekick Kiran. Kiran: Hello everyone. Steve: So we may as get right into them. Kiran: Yeah, okay. We have a lot of good questions this week. Steve: Okay. Kiran: The first one is: Do you recommend focusing on communicating instead of perfection? Steve: Absolutely, […]

22 September 2015

Steve’s Answers on Your Language Learning Questions – Part 3

Steve: Hello there, we’re here again. First of all, we have a guest today. We have my friend Gabriel from Brazil visiting who also has his own Facebook page. Gabriel: Yes and a YouTube channel. We have everything, a website. The Facebook I am especially proud of. Steve: And you speak how many languages? Gabriel: […]

17 September 2015

September 90-Day Challenge: 2 Week Update

Hi there, Steve Kaufmann here, two weeks in to my 90-Day Challenge challenging the language of Polish. I’ve been working heavily with the material from Piotr from Real Polish, which I mentioned last time, both his 100 stories, which are great, and his podcasts. I’ve been downloading content from Radio Polski. The audio doesn’t necessarily […]

16 September 2015

Steve’s Answers on Your Language Learning Questions – Part 2

Steve: Hi, there. Steve again and… Kiran: Hello. Kiran. Steve: We’re going to go over your questions, which we’ve collected. Now, I can’t answer all the questions, but I’ve collected them to some extent and we’re going to, hopefully, answer most of the questions. So go ahead. Shoot, Kiran. Kiran: Okay. The first one: Writing […]