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26 January 2006

Tips on Writing

Click here for the podcast of this article. I believe the writing correction or WRITE section of The Linguist is very very important. This is where you have the chance to use the words and phrases you have learned. You are under much less pressure…

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20 October 2005

Organizing Your Ideas English Writing Podcast

Here’s the audio of my previous post on organizing your ideas when writing.

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4 April 2005

Motivation and writing

Writing is a powerful way to improve language accuracy. Unlike when you speak, in writing you control the situation. You can take your time. You can experiment using new words and phrases that you have learned. At The Linguist we encourage learner…

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5 March 2005

Written and spoken contexts

In trying to copy from the Writing correction area of The Linguist web site I ran into problems with HTML text. The result looks a little messy. I am sorry. However, this text is interesting in that it deals with the issue of grammar based learnin…

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4 March 2005

By and from

Prepositions cause a lot of trouble for learners. Only a lot of exposure to prepositions in different situations will give learners the feel for which one to use. Sometimes different contexts give different answers. An example is the following que…

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