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9 July 2015

The Golden Age Of Language Learning

This is a transcript of one of my YouTube Videos – To keep up with my latest thoughts on language learning, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Hi there, Steve Kaufmann. Today my subject is; The Golden Age of Language Learning. It is something that has dawned on me that we live in The Golden Age of […]

6 May 2015

How to Hack Chinese: Six Tips For Learning Faster

I am going to talk to you about six hacks for mastering Chinese. Basically based on my experience when 40 odd years ago within a nine month period I went from scratch to where I could read novels and translate diplomatic documents in Chinese. Both English into Chinese and Chinese into English. Chinese Hack #1 […]

14 December 2013

Manning, Alberta – Changes Come to the North

Had a wonderful few days in Manning, Alberta. On Thursday, while I was there, it was apparently the coldest place on earth at -39 celsius. The Peace River region of Alberta and B.C. is rich in farmland, forests and oil and gas. The people are friendly. It is truly the big country.

3 December 2013

Pope Francis and capitalism

Pope Francis’ negative view of capitalism is out of place. We live better, longer, healthier and especially more securely today, than ever, thanks to capitalism. How much regulation, taxation and equalization we need in today’s capitalist societies is for each country to decide, not the Pope. Pope Francis should worry more about church issues, such […]

27 November 2013

Travel and language learning

Is travel a motivator for language learning? Yes. Do you need to travel to the country in order to learn the language? No. If you travel to the country, will you learn the language? Not necessarily.

19 November 2013

Golf and language learning – An interview with Martin Chuck

I had a chance to interview Martin Chuck, one of the most popular golf instructors on YouTube. Do you see any similarities between learning to play golf and learning languages?

12 November 2013

Word count, graded readers and fluency

How many words do we need to know? When are we fluent? How useful are graded readers? It all depends.

31 October 2013

How to memorize vocabulary

I don’t memorize vocabulary. I rely on exposure to the language to acquire my vocabulary. I read, and listen a lot, and work the vocabulary using flash cards with all the information on the front of the cards. Exposure works better for me and is more enjoyable than trying to memorize, but to each his/her […]

28 October 2013

Multilingualism and the brain. A conference at McGill University, Montreal

I attended a conference at McGill University in Montreal. There were many presentations about multilingualism from a linguistics and neuro-scientific perspective. I am not sure of the connection with language acquisition. Check out the website. http://multilingualism.conference.mcgill.ca/ Videos of the conference will be posted.

22 October 2013

Learning multiple languages – Part 2

Can we learn multiple languages at the same time? I prefer not to do this, but obviously many people do like studying this way. It seems that many people like to study a second language via a third language. I spend most of my learning time in the target language. The language of the dictionary, […]