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27 February 2015

Automatic Translation Technology – Replacing Language Learning?

I hear more and more about automatic translation technology. Skype recently announced their Skype Translator Preview – An Exciting Journey to a New Chapter in Communication. This translation technology will make it possible for people to communicate via Skype across languages. Two people can speak two different languages, and the conversation is automatically translated for each […]

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18 June 2005

Learning Japanese

Cliff Kwok, in a comment to my blog, asks about my experience in learning Japanese. Cliff has read my book in Chinese and would like to know more about how I learned Japanese in 6 months. I learned Japanese in Japan. I had a very preliminary expos…

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14 April 2005

Book excerpt: Phrases

The Importance of Phrases The principles of Chinese grammar are different from English. I deliberately ignored explanations of the theory of Chinese grammar because these theoretical explanations made no sense to me. Instead, I just accepted the v…

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12 April 2005

Book excerpt: interesting content

Once you reach the intermediate stage you face the longest and most demanding part of your task. You now want to achieve breakthrough to fluency. You need to move from being able to say a few things in a limited social setting to being able to use…

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30 March 2005

Book excerpt: Creating your own language world

Exploring Languages at Home Without going outside, you may know the whole world.Without looking through the window,you may see the ways of heaven. – Laozi It is always easiest to learn a language when you are living in a society that speaks that l…

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26 March 2005

The Linguist book: Excerpt

I am going to post a few random excerpts from my book over the next few days. This book is entitled ” The Linguist, A Personal Guide to Language Learning.” The book is available in print form in English and Chinese and in e-book version in French,…

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