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17 May 2015

Active And Passive Vocabulary In Language Learning

This is a transcript of one of my YouTube Videos – To keep up with my latest thoughts on language learning, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Hi there. Steve Kaufmann here, talking to all of you who want to learn languages. I’m very happy to share with you my experience, my views, and I think my […]

31 March 2015


Independent learning is the most important issue in education today, and in many ways the most elusive or difficult issue to deal with.  More than class size, teacher accreditation, or the latest innovations in teaching methodology, developing independent learning habits, in other words, self-learning, in students, and teachers, should be the main preoccupation of educators, […]

29 April 2014

Interleaved learning, or learning without pressure

Interleaved learning is an approach to learning that departs from the traditional block or focused approach to learning. Interleaved learning and the research behind it, is based on the idea that if we should not focus on learning or mastering one skill or set of information, such as a limited group of words in a […]

17 August 2013

Эхо Москвы (Echo Moskvi) at LingQ!

LingQ has obtained permission to use content from Echo Moskvi in our Russian Library. We will be adding lots of their lively interviews to LingQ. They are great for learning Russian and will be available for free download from our site. But for the real thing visit Echo at their site.

13 August 2013

Language learning progress

Sometimes we feel that our language learning is stagnating. How to make sure that we are continuing to make progress? Easy, keep moving forward. Don’t spend too long on each lesson. Don’t expect to nail things down or master them. Just keep on learning and forgetting and you will move forward.

11 August 2013

About learning French

Some thoughts about the French language and how to learn it.

5 August 2013

Passive vocabulary and fluency

Anthony Lauder, who has a channel at YouTube called FluentCzech, made an excellent presentation at the recent polyglot conference in Budapest. He started a thread about it at our forum on LingQ. This thread has meandered onto a variety of subjects, both relevant and irrelevant, and has now reached four pages in length. The gist […]

1 August 2013

Reading a grammar book is like reading a manual

  Reading a grammar book is like reading a manual. Grammar explanations are very hard to understand and absorb until we have enough experience with the language. As a person commented on a video I did a few years ago called “Krashen and Grammar“: “This is consistent with James Paul Gee’s statement that textbooks are […]

21 July 2013

Dificuldades na aprendizagem de línguas

Here is a recent video I did in Portuguese about the various difficulties people experience in learning a language. Por que algumas pessoas têm dificuldade em aprender línguas?

9 July 2013

How many words you can learn a day?

What is the average number of words you can learn a day? This is the title of an interesting thread at our LingQ Forum. I also did a video on this subject that keeps on coming up. There are many different points of view. I thought this comment from an English teacher was quite interesting. “During […]