The importance of language and translation: A contest

I think many followers of this blog enjoy languages and the diversity of languages that we experience, every more vividly, in today’s interconnected world. Are you a translator, or do you have an experience in translating from one language to another? Tell your story to Fox Translate and you may win a prize.


As Fox Translate puts it ” We want to hear about the greatest experiences you have had as a translator. From the significant impact you’ve had in someone’s life to the cultures and challenges you’ve encountered, your story reflects the importance language and translation has in all of our lives. ”

I am often approached to promote various services on my blog, and I usually say no, but this is one promotion that intrigued me. I am looking forward to reading the many contributions. Incidentally, prizes include copies of my book The Way of the Linguist, annual Basic Memberships to LingQ, and an annual Plus Membership to LingQ!

I encourage you to tell your story to Fox Translate. Visit the Fox Translate site for all the details, where you will also find out about their convenient translation service.


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I have been working in the field of translation from German into English and vice versa for more than five years and I can say that you can not learn translation. A translator should have wide knowledge and culture in all branches of science and to be self learner and hard researcher.

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