To Speak Well We Have to Speak A Lot

Listening and reading are my favourite learning activities, but the goal is to speak. How do we get to speak and speak well? We need to speak a lot. It can be a struggle at first, but we usually do better than we think. We need to interact with native speakers, preferably face to face, and in natural and meaningful situations. And we need to pay attention but we should not be too harsh on ourselves.

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2 comments on “To Speak Well We Have to Speak A Lot


Mr Steve-

I have a question about watching movies with English subtitle is that going to improve my skills in English or not.


Ellen Rardin

Thanks so much for your advice and counsel on language learning. I have been studying French for a number of years. My daughter lives in Costa Rica and is learning Spanish. I share all your excellent and common sense advice with her. Thanks for what you do!

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