Where can we find good Chinese content to listen to and read? I decided to have a look at what we have in our Chinese library at LingQ. Wow! Was I impressed when I found so many wonderful collections of Chinese content at all levels.

Since our content at LingQ is contributed by members, I do not always follow what goes into our libraries, for our different languages. I tend to focus on the languages that I am learning. Our Portuguese and Korean libraries are still weak, and our Russian library is very strong.

Learn Chinese online

Our Chinese library used to be weak. No longer. The content includes original creations by our members, and content from other great websites, which our members have obtained permission to use, as long as we acknowledge the source. Of course we encourage our users to also patronize these generous sites that let us use their content.


Incidentally, we hope to announce a major coup in Korean content soon, and we are adding new Portuguese content right now. Our libraries can only get richer and richer through the efforts of our growing LingQ community. But if you are interested in Chinese, have a look at our library at LingQ.