Meetup with me in Buenos Aires, Rio, Salvador or Lima?

If anyone is interested in getting together during my visit to South America, here some available days.

  • Buenos Aires, October 3-4 or 8-10.
  • Rio de Janeiro October 13-17
  • Salvador October 18-19
  • Lima October 26-28

I will be traveling with my wife and another couple, so this will take some planning. If there are people who want to get together, it would be best if you could organize the time and place amongst yourselves and then coordinate with me.

Please comment here if you’re are interested in getting together. I look forward to meeting our South American LingQers.

Here you can read a post about ¨ How to learn portuguese¨.

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7 comments on “Meetup with me in Buenos Aires, Rio, Salvador or Lima?

Hi Steve, I am Matias Barmat, programmer and sports journalist from Buenos Aires. I speak 12 languages and I am Director of Recruitment for HYPIA (Hyperpolyglot International Association). I wish to meet you in Buenos Aires whenever you want. I am available.

Hola, soy Matías Barmat, programador de sistemas y periodista deportivo, hablo 12 idiomas y soy Director of Recruitment para HYPIA (Hyperpolyglot International Association). Me gustaría reunirme con usted en algún día que usted quiera. Saludos cordiales.

Name *cm

Oh wow! I just missed you! I was in Rio / Cabo Frio late August and early September. I spent two weeks with my online language exchange buddy. It was great and I got lots of Portuguese practice. Enjoy your trip!
I’m starting German now and I’m really enjoying the mini stories on LingQ

Steve, such an exciting news that you’re coming to Lima, Perú. The timing is not ideal, though. I’m having a baby (FTM: First time mom), around these days or in October. My due date is on October 12th. So around 26-28 I’ll be with a newborn. Maybe if we could agree to a meeting at my department. Not sure If I can offer you something, maybe a coffee? Anyway, let me know if that’s possible, because I don’t think I can get out after having birth.

Name *Layon Silva de Oliveira

Hey Steve, How’s it going?!
Come to São Paulo Steve! I’d like to meet with you in person!
I watched some of your videos, you are the best, I’m your fan… hugs.

Rolando Saavedra

Buenos días, tardes o noches Steve. Espero que haya la haya pasado muy bien en Machu Picchu (y en todo su viaje en general). Ya que estará en Lima del 26 al 28 de octubre, me gustaría saber, si usted está de acuerdo, si habubiese alguna posibilidad de poder encontrarnos y poder conocerlo. Estoy muy agradecido por todos los videos que hace y consejos que da a través de su canal y su blog. Así que quisiera tener la oportunidad de poder conversar con usted en persona. Si dispone de tiempo, por favor, hágame saber para fijar un día, hora y lugar. De todas maneras, gracias por todo 🙂

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