Meet up in Prague October 2. Join us!

In  less than a month I will be in Prague. I hope to speak as much Czech as possible in five days. The first opportunity will be a dinner on October 2. Please join us for a meet up. I would also appreciate any suggestions as to location.

I also attach a video of my discussions with Ondrej, one my Czech tutors, just to give you an idea of my progress and how much there is left to do…a lot! But I am hopeful that full immersion in Prague will bring out a lot of my passive knowledge of Czech, and make it active. We will see.


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Robert W.

I am a LingQer (from New York, United States) and I will be in Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava starting October 11. I realize this isn’t Prague, but I figured I’d let you know, just in case. Good luck with Czech. You’re doing amazingly well…better than I am in German. My trip to Austria is similar in objective to yours in Prague.

Steve Kaufmann

Robert, I will only be in Prague this time but hopefully we can meet up some other time. Enjoy your visit.Amer, yes I saw that and will stick to beer and wine.

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