The truth about how I learn languages.

Language learning, to me, has always been a matter of relentlessly pursuing words, acquiring them and losing them, and gradually accumulating them as I read and listen to content of interest. Along the way I learn the language. I am an agressive LingQer, more so than most of the people at LingQ.

Recently I commented on this at our LingQ forum.

“I think part of the reason why I create so many LingQ is that I am quite content to LingQ my way through difficult texts, LingQing every third or fifth word without worrying whether I fully understand what I am reading, whether I can remember the words, or whether I can understand what I am listening to. I am confident that things will gradually get clearer.


Now I am going over some of my earlier texts and trying to Tag my saved LingQs for case. I may Tag some wrong, so I think I will submit this to the Doctor and send him some points if he will correct my Tags, or at least tell me which ones are wrong.


Tagging the words, either at the Vocab page, or upon clicking on your saved yellow LingQs on the Lesson Page is a good exercise. It forces you to think about cases, or whatever pattern, structure, part of speech or word ending it might be. Then when you review a Tagged List of a certain part of speech or case ending or whatever, you get a concentrate review of them.


This really helps me to get a better handle of the language. Then things are a little clearer when I once again start plowing forward in my reading and listening.”

Here is a video on the subject.


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