Pleasure in language learning, a condition for success?

Pleasure in language learning.mp3

How important is it to enjoy our language learning? I want to respond to some of the feedback I received to my recent series of videos.


I decided to just put up a podcast this time. I am interested in knowing the views of the followers of this blog. Who likes audio? Who likes to read text only? Who prefers video? I look forward to hearing from you.


8 comments on “Pleasure in language learning, a condition for success?

Nice podcast! Well, I 100% agree that learning the language must be enjoyable. I am in China and take learning Mandarin very seriously, and love it. I was in Mandarin Chinese for 2 days in college, before I dropped out. What was the difference? I enjoyed one and not the other. I agree with your comment that the classroom can be very inefficient. If your purpose is to learn another language…Why would you want to be in a classroom, when you could be outside talking to locals? I wrote a blog post a while ago where I listed the 5 essential things to learning another language: … I listed enjoying the activities you do as the 5th most important, but as a requirement to follow the next 4. Let me know what you think.


Hi,thank you. your podcast was really benefecial.I am a english learner that recently found your site.I try follow your recommendation about language learning.


Actually, I like both Text and audio at the same time. Of course, with video is the best. But, I’m not sure if I could see the video here. I couldn’t have never seen Steve’s lots of videos with interesting topics in Youtube. I do hope that I could make it here. 🙂

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