Being bilingual makes you smarter

Bilingual people are smarter, and it doesn’t matter when you learn a new language according to this recent study.

To quote the article, 

“Findings showed that those who spoke more than one language tested better on intelligence tests, regardless of when the second language was picked up.”

Now that should be motivation to get cracking on your language study.

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Here’s an extract from the article:

“Our study is the first to examine whether learning a second language impacts cognitive performance later in life while controlling for childhood intelligence,” said lead study author Dr. Thomas Bak from the Centre for Cognitive Aging and Cognitive Epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh.


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Thank you for sharing this interesting fact with us. I’m wondering if learning a 3rd language also makes you smarter? Would love to get your take on that.


Hey Steve you haven’t posted anything new since june, what’s going on 🙂 ? I love your insights on language learning and knowing about your progress with your Target language !!!

Rebekah Murphy

I agree that learning a second language can “make your smarter”. I think that this article does a great job explaining the benefits of learning a second language. It states that it helps us to overcome internal conflicts within our brains. It was believed before that second language acquisition actually hindered the learning process until more research was conducted. I wondered if any of you believe that there could be a point in time whether it is due to age or other factors that learning a second language could hurt rather than help?

As a person who communicates in two languages I would be happy to think that I am smart or smarter…

But being a math-person I have some doubts in this conclusion. I would tell that smart people have more desire to study other languages. So people are smarter not because they know one more language but they know more then one language because they are smart (was born like that ;)).

But I from another point of view I am sure that any intellectual activity is good for our brain. So learning foreign language is developing our brain :).

Alessandro - Inphras

That’s new for me, I’ve always tought that age you started is fondamental, especially if you want to sound like native speackers.

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