The 90-Day Challenge: A Final Review

My 90-Day Challenge has come to an end! A period of increased learning intensity brought me new momentum in my Korean, and taught me some new learning habits. I can’t say I am fluent, but I feel confident I can become fluent if I keep going. In that sense I achieved my most important goal. It was worth the effort.

Congratulations to all the participants who shared this great learning journey with me and made a breakthrough in their languages!


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4 comments on “The 90-Day Challenge: A Final Review


This 90 day challenge is a great idea. After reviewing your videos I am inspired to start a 90 day challenge for myself.

Great to see so many ominglots in training out there.



Hello Steve,
Not entirely a related comment but I was watching some of your earlier videos on learning German, in which you mention a very good German audio book about the 30 Years War. Do you happen to have the exact name of this audio book, as I am about 10 months into learning German and looking for some interesting listening content.

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