Word for word translations Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Now here is my effort to do the same for Asian languages. This is just an experiment at this stage. We also intend to offer beginners other kinds of help including phonetic script, a proper translation and explanations where required and more. The learner can also ask grammar questions on our forum as now. What is more I expect that most learners will also consult grammar resources on the web or in a grammar book.


However, I prefer to focus on the meaning of what I am listening to and reading, and not to be too distracted by lots of explanations. The key is to help learners focus on meaning so that they start to get a feel for the language.


What I am trying to create here is a series of simple word for word inter-spaced translations and a short video that will overcome the initial nervousness of the learner and hopefully encourage him or her to dive into the meaning of the content.


Your comments are welcome. I hope, if we can get this off the ground that others will also try their hand at this kind of thing, so that we can all help each other. I am sure that many of you can do a better job than I did.




你好 。 需要 帮忙 吗 ?
You good? Need help ma?


谢谢 , 我 叫 李洁 。
Thank thank,I call Lijie


你好 , 李洁 。 你 的 朋友 叫 什么 名字 ?
You good Lijie. You ‘s friend call what name?


我 的 朋友 叫 刘莉 。
My ‘s friend call Liuli.


你好 刘莉 。
You good Liuli.


我们 正在 找 一个 人 。
We just at search one person.


你 在 找 谁 呢 ?
You at search who ne?


我 在 找 我 的 哥哥 。
I at search my ‘s older brother.


他 住 在 这儿 吗 ?
He live at here ma?


是的 , 我 想 我 哥哥 就 住 在 这栋 楼 里 。
Is de, I think I older brother just lives at this (counter) building inside.


你 哥哥 是 谁 ? 他 叫 什么 名字 ?
You older brother is who? He call what name?


我 的 哥哥 叫 李强
I ‘s older brother call Liqiang。


你 哥哥 比 你 大 几岁 ?
You older brother than you big how many years?


我 哥哥 比 我 大 五岁 , 他 是 我们 家 最大 的 孩子 。
I older brothers than I big 5 years. he is our family biggest de child.


你们 俩 谁 高 ? 你 还是 你 哥?
You both who tall? You or you brother?


我 哥哥 高 一些 。 在 我们 家 我 个头 是 最 矮 的 。 你 为什么 问 这个 呢 ?
I brother tall one bit. At our family I size most short de. You for what ask that ne?


The Chinese video: http://bit.ly/by9HtQ


こんにちは。 何かご用ですか?
Today wa. What ka (honourable) need is ka?


はじめまして。 私の名前はまりこです。
Was first time. I ‘s name wa Mariko is.




(Honourable) meet was able to happy is.


はじめまして. お友達の名前は何ですか?


Was first time. (Honourable) friend ‘s name wa what is ka?


She ‘s name wa yuki is.


こんにちは、まりこさん。 こんにちは、みゆきさん。 お二人にお会いできて嬉しいです。


Today wa, Mariko-san. Today wa, Miyuki-san. (Honourable) two people (honourable) meet was able to happy is.
The Japanese video: http://bit.ly/cxgRLn




Peace is.


안녕하세요. 저는 김은정이라고 합니다


Yes (nice) peace is. I neun Kim Eun Chong so called is.


네 반갑습니다


Yes(nice), happy is.


저도 반갑습니다


I too happy is.


이쪽 친구분은 성함이 어떻게 되세요?
This friend person eun name i how become?


이쪽 친구분은 이지혜에요
This friend person eun Yi Ji Hae is.


두분 다 반갑습니다


Two persons both happy is.


The Korean video: http://bit.ly/cpm03o

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