Why learn Russian?

Russian is an international language, used in the post-Soviet space as a lingua franca. Russia has rich literature, and has demonstrated genius and excellence in science, music, dance, and many other fields. Perhaps this genius and striving for perfection is embodied in this performance by these two Russian acrobats. I apologize for the ad that starts it off.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hIc2ODfRxQ&w=500&h=400]

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I would learn Russian because Russian language is the fifth most widely spoken languages in the world. And it’s a very beautiful and rich language.

Learn Russian

Knowing Russian it is even possible to communicate with people in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech and others) with people who are 40+ years old, most of them remember at least some words because they learned it in school.

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