2 comments on “When should we start talking in a language? A discussion with Susanna Zaraysky.


Valuable discussion to hear. Steve your point is well taken! But your point was built on the assumption that one is seriously motivated, committed (even experience) about learning the new language. However most people learn only ONE foreign language and it is already a big challenge for them. Being able to speak is a significant motivator for them along the way. So they have every reason to be encouraged to open their mouth and speak early on! Of course I guess the conclusion I see here is that LingQ is ultimately an ideal platform for these language-learning addicts, who are better off absorbing enough vocabulary before they choose to speak. 🙂

cristhiam olivas

hi!!! every one, i’m still learning english but i have noticed that i sometimes have troubles with my tongue when i want to speak english, i hope it improves.

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