Do you want to Improve your English fluency?

Want to improve your English fluency and be understood?

New research shows you should focus on English fluency over English pronunciation.

Speaking fluently means your listener is more able to keep track of what you’re saying, then they have more time to figure out the sounds you are trying to produce. In other words, your ability to put words together accurately, smoothly and fluently is much more important than trying to pronounce like a native.
I wrote in an earlier blog post how we can achieve fluency in a foreign language which you can read it here. But here are a few easy tips to help improve your English fluency:


So next time you’re talking in English remember to slow down, correct yourself, use what you know and be comfortable with making mistakes sometimes.


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According to research, pronunciation accuracy may not be the most important thing for making non-native English speakers easier to understand, but rather it is their fluency, including fewer pauses, restarts and speech rate.

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