The classroom, that warm and fuzzy place -or is it?

I am following a discussion about e-learning on my English teachers listserv. Some of the teachers are interested in how to use the new technology and some are not. However, a common point seems to be that teaching and therefore learning should be focused on the classroom, with any e-learning as an adjunct to the classroom. They are classroom teachers, so it is perfectly understandable that they prefer the method of delivery that they are most comfortable with.


Much of the argument is along the lines of the idea that most learners prefer face to face contact, and cannot study on their own. I would agree with the second point. I think that there is a massive job to be done in teaching people how to learn on their own. However, I am less convinced that most people enjoy the classroom.


I find the classroom distracting, and a nuisance, since I am obliged to conform to someone else’s schedule, travel to get there, respond to the teacher’s questions and follow the learning pace of others. To me the classroom is not such a warm and fuzzy place. What do others think?

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