The best language learning sites on the web.

What are the best language learning sites on the web? I will be making presentations about language learning in the age of the iPad over the next few weeks and would like to provide information about the range of opportunities on the web. I do not mean to promote the iPad, but it sort of symbolizes the portable connectedness that we enjoy, and it has implications for learning, obviously.


I would like to come up with a list of the best language exchange sites, with a brief description of what they do. I am aware of Lang 8, smartfm, rhinospike, LiveMocha, iTalki, anki, and others but I would like to hear from users with their assessments and a brief description of what the sites do, and how they are used.


In my research I discovered that smartfm is on Wikipedia, whereas LingQ did not qualify. It reminds me of an earlier discussion, and I really do not understand the criteria at Wikipedia.

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While I don’t like how much English explanation ChinesePod uses in their podcasts, I must say that their iPhone app is one of the best I’ve used yet. Interestingly, the same app on Android is not nearly as well-polished.

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