Spring, joy and language learning

We have been enjoying some warm spring weather in Vancouver and it sure picks up everyone’s spirits.




The temperature does not vary dramatically from season to season in Vancouver . Winter temperatures rarely go below zero centigrade. Sometimes, even in winter, it is warm enough to play tennis or golf outside. However, we do have a lot of rain during the winter. The good thing is that this rain becomes snow in the higher elevations. It is quite possible to sail or play tennis in the morning and then just 20 minutes away, at Cypress Mountain , or Grouse Mountain , enjoy skiing in excellent Alpine conditions. Skiing at Cypress , with a panoramic view of the city of Vancouver or Howe Sound below you, is an exhilarating experience.




Our summers are never hot here. Even if the temperature climbs to 26 or 27 during the day, it will fall to 15 or 16 at night so you always can sleep comfortably. Humidity is low so that the hot weather never feels uncomfortable. We also have few mosquitoes or other annoying insects. This is in contrast to where I grew up, in Montreal , where the summers can be hot and humid.




On the other hand we miss the dramatic changes of season that other places experience. I remember as a child in Montreal that incredible feeling of lightness and joy when warm spring weather would finally come to melt the snow. We could run around without heavy coats or jackets on. We felt free and happy.




Changes in the weather and the seasons affect our moods. So do success and failure in our activities. There are times when we think we are not making progress in our language studies. But I know from experience that we always are as long as we keep exposing ourselves to the language, and enjoy the language. Even if at times you do not realize that you are improving, you probably are. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. It will encourage you and you will do better.

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