Random listening, Russian spies and Alberto Manguel

Although I have launched my Korean challenge, and hope to achieve some degree of fluency by December, I cannot get away from listening to Russian and Portuguese. The former because I find Russian fascinating, for the language and for the political subjects that are offered at Echo Moskvi every day. As for Portuguese,  I am going to visit Portugal in October so I also want to work on my Portuguese. Today I was able to follow the Russian reaction to the new Russian spy case in the US, and learn more about events in Khyrgyzstan.


Then in Portuguese, I listened to an interview on the TSF podcast Pessoal e Transmissivel, with Alberto Manguel, Argentinian-Canadian writer. The interview was in Portuguese and Spanish, as if they were one language. I like reading, and I once bought a book by Manguel in praise of reading, but found it not to my taste, somewhat superficial and pretentious. It is a kind of elitist elogy of people who read, with a lot of name dropping.

Now back to Korean.

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Great insights, Steve, thank you. It really helps to see where you going and what you are finding are really the essential ingredients for successful language learning study

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