Pope Francis and capitalism

Pope Francis’ negative view of capitalism is out of place. We live better, longer, healthier and especially more securely today, than ever, thanks to capitalism. How much regulation, taxation and equalization we need in today’s capitalist societies is for each country to decide, not the Pope. Pope Francis should worry more about church issues, such as birth control, the celibacy of priests and other issues.
An interesting read on capitalism and the dramatic decline of violence in our societies can found in Stephen Pinker’s new book.


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4 comments on “Pope Francis and capitalism


I like to read your comments on language learning. You keep me motivated. However, this is not the forum to discuss your political ideas. Pope Francis, just as you, Obama, Putin or my neighbor, has the right to express his own opinion in the appropriate avenues. If you want to express your views on moral, political, economic issues, than do it, but not on this language learning site.

    But this is my blog and my YouTube channel. Surely you understand that I can do whatever I want on my blog. It is not for you to tell me what I can talk about or not talk about.


Dear Steve ,

I’m a new italian student that has found the issue about the Pope very exciting and useful for improve the english language. The memory is linked with the emotion so talk about argument that engage the personal view of the world is one of the key that can open the door of the emotion.
Indoubtely Pope Francis from this point of view for me is a good start . Thank you Steve.
I dont have a definitive judgement about the Pope from a catholic point of view ( I’m agnostic) but from a point of view of a men interested in all the form of social life that live in a country (Italy) where the church have and has ever had a very important role.

From this point of view i think that the new pope is revolutionary for the actions and the statements and i undertstand that each statement can engage a different but strong effect positive o negative. Yours is definetly negative because the Pope criticed capitalism. The argument is very complicate and my english too bad for going on but i have the maximum respect for your opinion ( there are also few journalist or thinker that also in Italy have the same idea) .
The only thing about with i disagree is about the idea that the Pope shouldn’t speak about his vision of the world but only about the church.But…. Jesus (if existed) didn’t come on the earth for the church but for the men . Jesus loved the poor people and not the priest . He fighted away the merchants from the temple, didn’t establish a joint venture with them .
Sorry for my mistakes. i’m very grateful for the opportunity


    You write very well, Mauro. I believe that it is important to be able to discuss things and have different opinions and to respect different opinions. I personally feel that the pope should not get involved in political issues. That is the role of politics.


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