My First Day of the 90-Day Challenge

Well, it’s time to get busy Learning Polish!
I started by listening to and reading the series “Who is She” in our Polish library at LingQ, while working out on my stepping machine, using my iPad. I have gone through this course before so there are a lot of words that I have looked up and converted to yellow at LingQ. But a lot of them I still don’t really know. This doesn’t bother me because I’m quite convinced that learning and forgetting and relearning is one of the keys to eventually acquiring new vocabulary, or learning anything for that matter.

As I start my Polish adventure, I note that my known words total on my profile at LingQ is 6340. I would like to increase that to 30,000 words during the next three months. That means about 300 words per day. As I am starting with some material I have looked at before, initially the number of new words per day will be lower than this. This will gradually increase.

I have also found some intermediate material from Piotr at Real Polish in our LingQ library. His material is excellent. Piotr’s group also did our Polish version of “Who is She”. I really want to visit him if I visit Poland. The quality of his audio and the friendly tone of his voice really encourages me to learn.
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