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4 comments on “Meet ups in Vienna, Poprad, Olomouc, Bratislava, or Prague


Hello Steve, I´ve just happened to come across your name, personality, existence and this short announce.
I´m not too self cofident (regarding to my ability to meet foreigners) but I´ll try leaving my comfort zone and see what will happen.
What route are you going to use from Poprad to Olomouc? I live in a smaller town called Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. There is a beautiful open air museum here. Check its website and consider a short stopover. We can also practice your Czech.;-)

    That sounds like a great idea Hana. We are still putting our plans together. My email is steve at lingq dot com. Please send me an email and we can stay in contact. I will be traveling with my wife, Carmen and my son Eric. I checked out the museum and it sounds very interesting.


Dave K

Hello Steve,
It would be really nice to meet you in person. I live in the Olomouc region. To meet you in Olomouc or any other town nearby is no problem for me. As recommended Hana in the comment above, Rožnov pod Radhošťem is a nice small town, which is maybe worth for a stopover to see the Beskydy mountains region and its folk culture. I can meet you there as well. If you need any travel tips or assistance please just contact me

    David, yes it would be great to get together. We will probably make a brief stop in Rožnov pod Radhošťem which appears to be on the way. Is that easier for you , or Olomouc?

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