Meet up in Berlin Oct 26 at 7 pm

We are having a meet up in Berlin on Oct 26 at 7 pm at the  restaurant. Please come and join a group of language enthusiasts.

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Hi Steve,This is quite unrelated (the only connection being that the podcast in the link below is in German, and your meet-up is in Berlin!), but I thought that this would be of interest to you: is a German motivational speaker and this is his most recent podcast. In this podcast, he talks about foreign language learning. His tips for foreign language learning are very solid!Adam (from Australia)


The bloke’s certainly got a nice German pronunciation…There seems to be a podcast feed link on the right… presumably that will download it for you?Robert


Hi Steve,I see a "Podcast-Feed" link on the left (under 2012, 2011, etc). I think that there are a couple of ways of getting the podcasts onto an iPod:1. Click on "Podcast-Feed" link, right click on podcast (see headphones icon), select "Save target as", and save the mp3 file in a suitable place on computer, then transfer onto iPod, or:2. (This is how I do it) Go into iTunes store, change the national flag to the German one, then search "Motivation." Stefan Fraedrich’s podcast will be one of the top ones that pop up.I should note that it is only in the most recent podcast (the one contained in the link above) where he gives advice about language learning (I do like the others too, though!).

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