LingQ 2.0のレッスンページのすべて!

新しいLingQ 2.0のレッスンページ,Steveの説明と自由意見交換。日本語で


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Joel Haas

I’m sure that you would find them no different than the other language programs such as Michel Thomas because they are very grammar heavy – that is they spend a lot of time showing you *why* things are the way they are so that you can enter *into* the language instead of having to figure it all out on your own.

Steve Kaufmann

We need not figure it out ALL on our own. There are so many grammar resources to help us, in books and on the internet. But content and input is still king to my mind.


dear Steve, I have been watching a lot of your youtube videos on language learning. I am currently learning russian. I just wonder about your listning and reading method, do you read and listen to content were you don’t understand anything? I have tried a bit of your method, I have tried to watch atleast an hour of Russian tv everyday.

Steve Kaufmann

I don’t listen to content I don’t understand. I listen to content where I can read the text. look up words, and gradually get to understand it. As soon as possible I listen to authentic content. Go to LingQ to find content at your level in Russian.

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