All learning is self-learning


We are conditioned by schools to think that our learning has to be directed by a teacher in the classroom. However, learning is inevitably a process of self improvement and personal growth. What matters most is what we as learners  do, whether in the classroom, or outside the classroom. A teacher cannot force learning on a student.  The teacher, or the classroom, are not the only resources available to us. The Internet is an amazing resource, as I have said many times. We can find language content, grammar references, and even articles about learning.

While surfing the web for articles on self-learning, I came across something I wrote three years ago, Six Steps to Effective Self Learning . My views have not changed.

On another occasion, while googling in order to understand the difference between the words “imparare”  and “apprendere” in Italian, I came across this interesting article called “Imparare a imparare” (Learning to learn).  The writer, Luciano Mariani, discusses the importance of setting one’s own goals and organizing one’s own learning activities, in order to become a learner for life.

Mariani’s blog, , in English and Italian, is devoted to issues related to motivation and learning, with specific reference to language learning.


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I believe, you must be clear about the reason why you want to learn something. Maybe you’ll find out, that you don’t want to learn that thing, so at least you can save some time. If you don’t really want to learn it, the time spent on trying to learn it will be mostly wasted.

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