Learning on the web – research project

I received the following interesting request via Facebook. If you have the time please do the survey. I did.


“Hello, nice to meet you, we don’t know each other directly, I am Stefano Besana an Italian researcher at Catholic University of Milan
I was wondering if you could help me in the dissemination of my research. It’s a project which is made to understand if there is a possible use of Facebook (and other SN) in educational fields (e.g., academic studies, professional training, and so on).
I am asking to to complete a simple questionnaire (no more than 3 minutes), which address topics related to social networks and industry training and education
If you want to help me in spreading the link to your contacts or to send members of the group you are admin, it would be fine.


Obviously the results will be shared.
Thanks for your cooperation and help.


Best regards


Stefano Besana (available for any clarification) “

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