Learning multiple languages – Part 2

Is learning multiple languages at the same time a good idea? I prefer not to do this, but obviously many people do like studying this way. It seems that many people like to study a second language via a third language.
I spend most of my learning time in the target language. The language of the dictionary, or of any grammatical explanations, is not that important to me, as long as it is as clear as possible. Therefore I prefer to use my own language or a language that I know well for the dictionary or for any reference material. I tend not to learn a second language through a third language, although this seems to be a popular approach with many people.
But to each his or her own!


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2 comments on “Learning multiple languages – Part 2


Hi, Steve.

What do you think of exposing and teaching young children to multiple languages, say 4 languages, at the same time, given that the kid is already bilingual in two of the languages. Any thoughts on how to make it fun and efficient? Thank you.


    In a way, the more languages kids are exposed to the better, but it has to make sense and it has to be relevant or interesting to them. Four at once might confuse them. I really don’t know.


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