Language politics again

A law has been proposed in, where else, California, making it illegal to insist on a specific language of work!!


“SB 111, authored by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, would make it a violation of the state’s civil rights law for a company to require that a specific language be spoken at the business unless it has a narrowly defined business necessity.”


Why can’t people just be responsible for their own lives. I speak a language, you speak a language. If I don’t speak any language you speak, I don’t work for you and don’t do business with you. No work for lawyers.


Or I don’t speak your language but I want your business so I hire someone who speaks both our languages. No work for lawyers.


Or I want to work for you but don’t speak your language, or the language of your workplace, so I learn your language. No work for lawyers.


What is going on here? How do these people think?




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