It makes it all worthwhile

I just spoke on the telephone with one of our learners in Vancouver. He is a former research scientist from China (Harbin) who drives a fork lift in a fish packing plant in Vancouver. He has been on our system for 10 days and has saved over 300 words and 200 phrases. He has studied English for 20 years and thinks our approach is the most practical and effective he has come across. He is enthusiastic and a self-starter. He says many of the immigrants from China have simply given up and accept their less than satisfactory position here and make no effort to improve their English or their social position.

He is different. He is a man of action. I will get together with him and have some Chinese 白酒 (white liquor). I have been reading three books in a row on Napoleon. Prior to that I read a biography of Ghengis Khan. We are what we make of our lives. My conversation with that student has further inspired me. People who grab a hold of opportunities in life and do not complain are the ones that make things happen for all the other followers.Thank you my student. I am your student.

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