How often should we listen to the same content?

Listen only as often as you want, see thread on our LingQ forum .


Your brain requires two things in order to learn a language. One is repetition, in order to groove the connections between neurons in your brains, and the other is interest, or a challenge or novelty.


When you do not fully understand a particular content item, but feel that listening just one more time, you may get more of it, then you are still motivated, and there is still a challenge, and you should listen again.


When you are tired of the content, or do not like the voice any longer, you should move on. You need to combine novelty with repetition. The further along you come in the language, the less motivating it is to listen repeatedly to the same content.


In my view, the learning process is the natural and unconscious result of your activity, not a process of the deliberate acquisition of knowledge.

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The content should be heard again and again until you are perfect with it. And you need to concentrate on the content wen you hear it to grasp it soon.

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