Grinsing and a little Romanian chit chat.

Schweighofer Prize, the dinner the night before, short video clip.

Arrived in Vienna with about 2 hours of sleep and went straight to a suburb of Vienna called Grinsing where our host, Gerald Schweighofer , held  a dinner. Tomorrow is the main event, the awarding of the Schweighofer Prize for Innovation in the Wood Industry.

Holzindusrie Schweighofer is a tremendous success story, largely due to the brilliant entrepreneurship of Gerald Schweighofer, who is speaking in the video below. He took  a family sawmilling company with 500 years of history and turned it into a major international player. Mills today are mostly in Romania. My small company buys wood from Schweighofer, and I will be visiting the operations in Romania.

This will be followed by three days of vacationing there, and that is why I have been learning Romanian these two months. I was at a table with Romanians last night and was able to converse in Romanian. One of the gentlemen in the video is the Mayor of the town of Comanesti who spoke no English. We had a great time, and he insisted that I detour via his town and sample the local goat cheese specialty. I will do that.


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Robert Wargas

How was your German when you got to Vienna, Steve? Did you feel a little strange at first or were you able to get back into it right away?

I did all right, Robert, with my usual mistakes, and vocabulary shortfalls. One day I would really like to take my German to a higher level. If I put into German what I put into Romanian these last two months, I know I could really tighten up my grammar and enlarge my vocabulary.

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