Grammar rules or patterns

We have an interesting discussion going on at a forum at LingQ on whether we need to learn grammar rules or patterns. Here is my latest comment on this subject, but there is quite a variety of views there.


I agree that correct usage is all about mastering patterns that are generally accepted in the language as spoken by the natives. Of course the patterns may vary according to which tribe of natives we want to emulate, but language mastery is still about patterns.


I believe that massive input, with a little help, whether from teachers, the odd correction, grammar books, self-help tools like LingQ or Anki, is the shortest path to the mastery of these patterns.


I find the explanations of the patterns using a lot of grammatical jargon hard to follow. I prefer, “in Japanese they say things this way and it more or less means this”. Then I watch for the pattern and gradually get a clearer and clearer sense of what it really means, the more I come across it in my reading and listening.

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i do agree with you, because grammar is a kind of pattern, i mean basicly grammar is the same as pattern. so the best way to master this is getting used to those patterns. that’s it.for example when i am speaking my native language i don’t even think about grammar. i get grammar by correct listenig and reading.and you have been done a great job meister steve.cheers!!!


Steve, I agree completely with what you say. If you want to be able to discuss information ABOUT a language, then learning grammar rules are useful. However, for actually understanding a language we need to get used to its grammatical patterns. And for that we don’t need to know specific grammar rules.Thanks for sharing! 😀

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