A glimpse of the Maidan

I don’t know how many people follow these events in Russian but the following exchange provides some insight into the dynamics of the Maidan and yet another example of how Russian TV deliberately edits video to spread misinformation.

FAKE: Witnesses Say Euromaidan Participants were Paid


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3 comments on “A glimpse of the Maidan

    The difference between Western distortions and inaccurate reporting and the Russian version, is that Russian propaganda is a deliberate national strategy of the Goebbels like use of information, especially via TV. The Western misinformation is the result of normal human frailty, prejudice and error, but there is enough variety of sources that you can form a better impression of what is happening.


Maidan is not just a place, it is a state of mind. It is a phenomenon that is evolving day upon day, giving people the opportunity to meet, communicate and exchange ideas with every passing hour, to develop strategies, hold meetings and implement their plans.

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