Gaps in different languages

Speaking of gaps in languages, it is amazing what languages can do without. Gender is certainly not needed, nor even singular and plural, for example. Japanese and Chinese manage quite well without them, and without a lot complicated tenses. Come to think of it, Japanese and Chinese do not really distinguish between hand and arm, or foot and leg, and it does not inhibit comprehension.


I think there is a lot of junk code in languages. We understand quite well anyway.

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Joop Kiefte

Not having plurals is not so hard to live with. You just put a number in front and you’re done. And Chinese uses some words like the English "pairs of", "herds of" etc., and those can be used without a number to form an undefined plural like form (IIRC).On the other hand, Polish has 4 different plural forms: singular, dual, plural and for groups of five (again, IIRC).

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