Decorum going out of fashion.

Every so often things happen that make me realize that I am out of touch. I was reading the paper today and came across two items that caught my attention.


One was a dispute at a school in Ottawa, where a popular author was told to stop his reading of his popular childrens’ stories, called Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger. The author of this article complained about the school sapping the fun out of kids reading. Well, I agree with the school and do not think that this kind of book and theme should be the topic of childrens’ books at school. Let the kids find these stories elsewhere if they want. It is not big deal. It is just not a book that I would give my grandchildren. These stories lack the sense of decorum that belongs in a school, in my view.


In another story, a woman is suing a cell phone company for $600,000 for billing her and her husband together, since this exposed her affair. She claims this has caused her great anguish, and caused her marriage to break up. Carrying on an affair behind her husband’s back is a mere bagatelle, and I guess in her view not responsible for any anguish on her or her husband’s part. But sending her cell phone bill to her husband, well what is the world coming to?


Has this woman no pride, no sense of decorum. In my view she should accept the consequences of her actions and get on with her life. No sense of decorum.


I should add that the vulgar hit and run “commenters” who stalk blogs and forums on the internet, or even bloggers who go ballistic when criticized, are further examples of the great loss in the sense of decorum in modern life. Much is the pity. But maybe I am just getting old.

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