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4 comments on “Come ho fatto per imparare l’Italiano


Hi Steve….let me begin by saying that just today i’ve subscribed to you and to laoshu (the other day) because you’re far and away the best resources on languages that i’ve thus far come across…i’m very desirousous of becoming “fluent” in Italian and German….two languages with which i’m already fairly proficient…..i’ve taken three fairly long trips to Italy over a course of about eight years (roughly a month apiece). on my last trip, I was fortunate enough to expience that feeling that comes when you can relate to the locals “without really trying” i.e. on my last night there, my friend (Maria) and I were given a “bon voyage” party by one of our hosts and at the last hour, one of the young people there (all roughly 25 yrs of age) asked me talk about engineering in the USA…..i began to speak to him in Italian and before i knew it all of the young people had gathered around (probably 25 to 30 sons and daughters) to listen to what i had to say… was the first time EVER…that i have felt i could speak the language….however….i was still a long way from what i considered fluent….my favorite expression was “come sie dici…..”….my point in mentioning all of this is that both you and laoshu claim to be fluent…..are you really?….CONVERSANT…means to me that you can hold a decent conversation with someone of another language as long as it doesn’t get too involved or too detailed or too in-depth into the language…. I now have friends in Italy (thanks to Maria who came to this country from Italy when she was about 13 an now teaches Italian in NJ and who invited me to Italy to meet her friends) with whom I’d truly like to be fluent…..I”M NOT….nevertheless, I still have a lot of fun with them when I go to Italy ….when you and laoshu say you’re fluent….could you maintain an in-depth discussion with her friend (and mine) Franco about bridal gowns e.g……he and his wife own a “rodeo-drive quality bridal gown company in italy….my guess, is probably not…and yet, you’re fluent?????…..I didn’t and won’t bother to try to challenge you guys in public via video or otherwise ….but….i’m truly interested in being able to be fluent in Italian and German and as laoshu put it….i’ve studied the academic way ….taken two full years of german at an accredited college in the us….have studied italian for around 8 years using normal methods (such as those used by Maria) involving grammar, etc….and yet i’m still very uncomfortable when trying to converse in Italian..,, if you choose not to respond, i’ll be disappointed….but…..if, as i suspect, you guys really aren’t fluent….. but, instead, conversant….that, to me…..would make a lot more sense….i’m conversant in German, Italian and French…..i’m probably the best linguistics expert in English that’s ever taken the time to write to you….if you can help me (and I actually suspect and hope that you might be able to do so) to become truly fluent in Italian and German, I’d really appreciate a reply….by the way, I’m planning to try laoshu’s method to learn Chinese simply to see if I can do so….I’m thinking I might create a video giving due credit to laoshu at the beginning showing as sgt shultz might say that “I know nothing…..” and then showing at the end, what i’ve accomplished….and, perhaps, videos along the way showing the progession……..FIRST, I need to convince myself that his method actually works ……your thoughts????…..ciao….roberto

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