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One of the important advantages of The Linguist system is its integrated nature. At The Linguist you listen, read, review words and phrases, write and speak. All of these activities reinforce each other.


The more you make all parts of your learning work together, the better you will learn. Here are some tips for using The Linguist system in order to become familiar with words and phrases:


1)      When you read or hear words and short phrases that you want to learn to use, write them down on a piece of paper. When you are next at your computer write simple sentences using these new words and phrases.

a.       Submit these sentences for correction in WRITE, even if you have only written two or three sentences.

b.      After your sentences have been corrected by your tutor,


and PASTE the corrected text into Imported Content section in the READ area.

c.       Now you can save words and phrases from this text. This will create new example sentences in the Words I am Learning and Phrases I am Learning sections of the REVIEW area.

d.      You can also import your sentences directly into the Imported Content area without submitting them for correction first.

e.       You could also try Googling new words and expressions and importing whole paragraphs into the Imported Content area.

f.        You can then treat this content like any other imported content and use them to systematically increase your familiarity with important vocabulary that matters to you.


2)      When you have an online discussion with your tutor you will receive some corrected words and phrases from your tutor. The tutor types these words and phrases in the Chat box.

a.       Write some short sentences using these words and phrases

b.      Import these sentences into the Imported Content area, just as described here above.

c.       You may have these sentences corrected first or not. It is up to you.

d.      The point is to create more examples of these words and phrases in use. These example sentences will come from The Linguist content that you are listening to and reading.


3)      Whenever you have any writing corrected by your tutor in the WRITE area, make sure you read the corrected text out loud five times. This will reinforce your learning and help you with pronunciation

a.       Then


and PASTE your corrected texts into the Imported Content section of the READ area.

b.      You are now ready to save words and phrases and create more example sentences that will help you remember these new words and phrases.

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