How the brain learns languages – the case of bilinguals

Here is a fascinating article about how the brain learns languages written by François Grosjean, Emeritus Professor of psycholinguistics, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland. The article discusses: ” whether verbs and nouns in Chinese are represented in the same way in the brain as are their counterparts in English: verbs in the frontal region of the brain and […]
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The Mirage of Linguistics

I recently did a video on the relationship between linguistics and language learning. I am trying to explain that in many ways linguistics contributes to an over complication of language learning and language instruction. I referred to the work of Amorey Geithin. Here is his article called ” The Mirage of Linguistics”. To give you […]
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When are we fluent?

This comes up all the time. In my view, if we feel that we are fluent, we are fluent. If we are comfortable communicating on most subjects. If we understand most of what is said, and can, with errors and the occasional awkwardness, get our meaning across,  we are fluent. Some people have suggested that […]
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